With our extended teams, you gain access to a pool of skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate into your organisation, working alongside your in-house team to amplify productivity and achieve remarkable outcomes.

We believe in building strong partnerships, where our expertise blends seamlessly with your vision to create exceptional solutions.

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What Is Team Extension?
Team extension is a strategy where businesses augment their existing workforce with external professionals who bring in specialized skills and expertise.

This approach enables companies to rapidly scale their capabilities and adapt to project demands without the long-term commitment of hiring new full-time employees.
🔧 Seamless Integration - Extending your team with specialized experts fills skill gaps, ensuring projects progress without disruptions.

🚀 Accelerated Delivery
- Team extension accelerates development timelines, allowing faster delivery of projects to market.

🌍 Global Talent Access
- Gain access to a worldwide talent pool, bringing diverse perspectives and cutting-edge skills to your projects.

💡 Flexibility and Scalability
- Easily scale your workforce up or down based on project needs, providing unparalleled flexibility in resource management.
How Would Extending
My Team Help Me?
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Contact us for a free 30 minute discovery call where we can understand your objectives and advise how we can help you achieve them.
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What our clients have achieved with Evolved Ideas
Frank Mehr
“Back in 2017 as our R&D efforts continued to expand and grow, we were looking to complement our US onshore core team. However, we were not looking for a traditional outsourcing model. We wanted to be intimately involved in the recruitment process and manage the team’s activity directly. With Evolved Ideas we have found a true partner. They have found the right profiles, and worked with us during every step of the relationship.” SVP R&D of a Leading US Company in the IT space.
Immersive Experience
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Our proven process for successfully extending your team
Our transparent process has succesfully helped IT teams access the best tech talent when they need it and created a seamless team.
30-minute discovery call:
We listen to understand the best technical and cultural fit for your team.
We Search and Source
We search and source from a talent pool of more than 190,000 developers.
Carefully Select Candidates
We shortlist a carefully-selected group of the best matching candidates.
Your Ideal Development Team
You select - and then we recruit - your ideal development team.

We've got it covered
We provide all of the facilities and equipment the team needs to work efficiently either on-premise (in our offices) or remotely.
Resource on Demand
We can provide CTO-as-a-Service or PM resource on demand. We take care of your HR, recruitment, IT and administrative needs.
Yin & Yang
You manage the team's workload, milestones and delivery. We help monitor the team's performance and guide you throughout the entire journey.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q) What types of professionals can I add to my team through your service?
    A) You can extend your team with a wide range of skilled professionals, including software developers, project managers, UX/UI designers, quality assurance testers, and data scientists. Our talent pool is diverse, covering numerous technologies and industries, ensuring we can find the right match for your project's specific needs.
  • Q) How do you ensure the extended team integrates well with my in-house team?
    A) Integration is key to our team extension services. We facilitate a comprehensive onboarding process that includes familiarization with your company's culture, communication channels, and project management tools. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions are scheduled to ensure seamless collaboration and alignment with your in-house team's workflows and objectives.
  • Q) What is the cost of extending my team through your service, and how does billing work?
    A) The cost of extending your team depends on the number and type of professionals you need, and the duration of their engagement. We offer transparent pricing models tailored to your project's size and complexity. Billing is typically done on a monthly basis, covering the professionals' salaries and a service fee for ongoing support and integration facilitation. We'll provide a detailed quote and agreement upfront, so there are no surprises.
Ready to talk?
Contact us for a free 30 minute discovery call where we can understand your objectives and advise how we can help you achieve them.
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