Our strong tech leadership and cross-sector experience allows us to combine bespoke software development and tech consulting to continuously deliver the right solution for our clients

We don’t just build software. Through tech consulting, we provide guidance on business strategy based on experience, validating your idea and concept and ensuring the right problem is being solved.

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What is Technical
Tech consulting involves guiding businesses through the design and creation of custom software solutions tailored to their unique needs and challenges. This bespoke approach, distinct from off-the-shelf software, ensures that solutions are perfectly aligned with a company’s processes, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity.

As part of a B2B tech consulting firm's services, it offers expertise in identifying and developing these tailored solutions, providing strategic advice to leverage technology for achieving business goals.
🚀 Strategic Guidance for Expansion - Our tech consulting identifies and implements cutting-edge solutions, accelerating your growth and enabling market dominance.  

💡 Optimizing Operations
- Through expert analysis, we streamline your technology stack, enhancing efficiency and cutting operational costs.  

🌟 Innovative Edge
- Our consultancy brings innovative strategies to the table, improving product and service delivery, thus distinguishing your brand in the marketplace.  

📊 Revenue Growth
- By aligning technology with business goals, we drive sales and service enhancements, directly contributing to increased revenue.
How Could Technical
Consulting Help Me?
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What our clients have achieved with Evolved Ideas
Kate Kennedy
CEO@SME Capital
We started working with Evolved Ideas more than 2 years ago, when we needed to start redeveloping our SME Loan Platform to meet the growing and ever-changing demands of borrowers.

The team at Evolved Ideas are like part of the business, they understand what we do and they understand what we need before we realise we need it!
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Our proven process for creating your software solution
Our process has succesfully taken startups, scale-ups and enterprises from idea to reality, through to post-launch support.
30 minute project consultation
We listen to your specific needs and business challenges.
Key stakeholder workshop
We collect facts, validate assumptions and create an outside-in assessment of your existing situation or challenge.
Research Recommendations and planning
We recommend a pathway designed specifically to improve your processes and achieve the growth you desire.
Development stage
Our skilled, experienced teams get to work creating and testing your bespoke software.
Throughout the Design Phase, we continuously research, develop UX wireframes, design UI, and prototype ensuring a seamless UX/UI process.

Successful delivery and sign-off
We deliver your project, MVP or product to time and budget.
Ongoing support
We can host your product and provide ongoing support and continue to work with you to optimise your products as your business evolves and scales.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q) Can you handle projects in any industry?
    A) Yes, our cross-sector experience equips us to handle projects across a wide range of industries. Our team's diverse expertise allows us to adapt our strategies and solutions to meet the specific challenges and opportunities of different sectors, ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and tailored software solutions.
  • Q) How do you support clients post-development?
    A) Our commitment to our clients extends beyond the delivery of the software. We provide ongoing support to ensure that the software continues to meet the evolving needs of the business. This includes updates, maintenance, and further consulting services to adapt to new challenges and opportunities, ensuring that our clients continuously derive value from their bespoke software solutions.
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Contact us for a free 30 minute discovery call where we can understand your objectives and advise how we can help you achieve them.
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