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April 19, 2024

EdTech App Research: How to Build eLearning Apps Users Will Love

Don’t rush to roll out your app’s upgrade

Remember – haste makes waste.

“Apps beginning to crash after an update” is one of the most frequently cited issues forcing users to give a poor rating to your product and abandon it. It’s crucial not to skimp on full-fledged QA, as the lack of proper testing is a key reason why apps crash after being upgraded.

how to build successful edtech app

Optimise your EdTech solution to work seamlessly on all devices and screens

Our analysis shows that the lack of an app’s interoperability between all Mac devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone and MacBook) is one of the top irritators for Apple users. It’s very inconvenient when users need to join again each time they want to use your app on two and more devices simultaneously. So do ensure proper synchronisation.

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Provide multiple sign-up options for users at registration

Limiting sign-up to just one social network like Facebook or LinkedIn is a very narrow-minded decision, as students may simply not have any account there. Always provide several sign-up options like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and email.

Also, a nice feature to have for new account registration is automatic pulling of students’ personal data straight from the social media account they’ve used for sign-up. It can automatically pull at least some basic information such as name, school, phone number, city, etc. This would save users time and reduce time to register in your system.

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Last but not least – don’t make users create two different accounts in web and mobile versions of your app, this is a guaranteed way to lose loyalty.

Make sure your log-in screen loads fast and you enable

Some apps are extremely slow at login (30+ seconds) which is a common reason why users delete them.

Keep the app’s user interface up-to-date

Besides old-fashioned and lousy user interface, EdTech app users point to the following usability issues:

  • The font or images are too small and there’s no way to enlarge them;
  • No option to change a keyboard style;
  • Only light mode;
  • No navigation buttons;
  • Glitchy next/previous, playback buttons;
  • No logical flow of information and learning progress;
  • Unexpected changes in control layout when swiping;
  • screen real estate is not used wisely.

how to build an engaging e-learning app

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