Software Engineering
April 9, 2024

Maintaining Bespoke Software In-House. The Road to Nowhere?

On the digital highway, businesses constantly seek the latest, shiniest software to race past the competition. But what about those dusty old saloon cars in the back corner of the garage? The ones lovingly labelled "Bespoke Software"? While these programs may have served faithfully for years, running and maintaining them can be a bumpy ride filled with potholes and detours. Let's have a look at some of the challenges lurking on the bespoke software journey:

1. Ghost in the Machine: Remember those long-departed programmers who built the software? Yeah, good luck finding them. Updating or enhancing the code becomes a bit of a lottery. One wrong tweak and the whole system might crash.

2. Missing Mechanic Manual: Bespoke software often lacks proper documentation. Understanding the code and logic becomes an archeological dig, with developers deciphering spaghetti-like structures and cryptic comments. Debugging? More like hacking through a jungle of forgotten code.

3. Parts on Backorder: Legacy software often relies on outdated technologies and libraries. Finding replacements is like hunting for floppy disks in the age of the cloud. Compatibility issues lurk around every corner, threatening to bring the whole operation to a grinding halt.

4. Security Nightmare: Forget fancy firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Older bespoke software might have security holes bigger than the Cheddar Gorge. Exploits for these ancient vulnerabilities are readily available on the dark web, waiting to be exploited by malicious actors.  

5. Feature Famine: The world of software moves at breakneck speed. While your competitors race with AI-powered chatbots and self-driving delivery drones, your bespoke software is stuck in dial-up land. Implementing new features feels like trying to teach an abacus to do calculus.

So, is it time to scrap the old banger and buy a shiny new Tesla? Not necessarily. Bespoke software can still hold immense value, perfectly tailored to your specific needs. The question is how do you keep it running efficiently and safety given the issues outlined above?

One cost-effective way to keep your bespoke software on the road is to enlist the help of experts in bespoke software support. Someone like Evolved Ideas, for example. We have the expertise to keep bespoke software secure, reliable, and can add new functionality as your business needs change.

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